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Using uCree’s Goal Setting Software

uCree is not a complex site. This free goal setting software was created with a foundation of simplicity to easily guide each user through a fast, easy, and fun experience. uCree is organized into 3 sections, based on the type of goal setting the user desires. The 3 goal setting sections are Daily Goals, Life Goals, and Shared Goals.

The Daily Goal feature of uCree’s free goal setting software is similar to a to-do list. The aspects of this to-do list section are entering your daily goal, choosing a completion date, adding notes to each goal, completing the goal, and even the option to print your goals on a daily goal worksheet. Life Goals offer similar features with the addition of a more robust goal setting worksheet that includes an area to keep track of multiple goal notes and keep momentum going with the action items section. Concluding the free goal setting program is the shared goals section, where user my share and collaborate on goals with friends, family, and co-workers.

uCree also enhances awareness and focus on your important goals by offering email notifications. While using you daily goal worksheet you will see two possible times set on the bottom, these are the times that your daily goals will be emailed to you. Once you sign up you must go to your account settings to turn this feature on. All members are automatically set-up to receive a life goal email reminder email every 3 months. To turn this feature off, users must go to account settings and disable.